Sustainability in Your Home

Sustainability in Your Home

Because of Canberra’s affluence, the density of the city and its location, the environmental footprint of the average Canberran was among the highest in the world.1

In 2008 it was it was demonstated that while Canberra people were conserving more water than previously, the Territory still had the highest greenhouse gas emissions from residential electricity in the country and ACT’s environmental footprint had increased by 15% per person since 1998 (insert web reference) Since the Territory has little heavy industry, this increase has largely been driven by how people live their lives.

The climate in Canberra is challenging, with winter minimums often below freezing and summer maximums that sometimes exceed 40°C. It’s not surprising then, that heating and cooling is responsible for a high proportion of energy use. Predictions are that the climate here will become hotter and drier so, with the population also predicted to increase, conserving water and energy will become even more important.

We make suggestions in this site to help you build sustainability into your new home and play your part in creating a better future.

Source: Measuring our progress : Canberra's journey to sustainability