Environmental water heating

Environmental water heating

Household water heating has traditionally used 24 per cent of the average Adelaide home’s energy. Thankfully less energy intensive water heating options are now available and currently attract large government subsidies.

We recommend that you consider using solar energy to provide the majority of your water heating needs – on average about 60 per cent of your needs depending on your environment. The systems that use this process are generally referred to as electricity or gas boosted solar hot water, and are available from many manufacturers. These systems now generally locate two to three solar panels on the roof in conjunction with a water tank at the side of the house.

Another system worth consideration is a heat pump system that uses a low energy consumption process (similar to that in your refrigerator) to produce your hot water. These systems do not require installation of solar panels on the roof.

If you have already decided to spend money installing a renewable energy system at your home (such as roof top solar panels) then highly rated, instantaneous gas hot water systems will also produce a solid sustainability outcome at lower overall cost. For example, at the CIC Lightsview community, a six star instantaneous gas hot water system can be combined with a 1.5Kw solar panel system to meet this community’s high overall sustainability benchmarks.

For more information please go to www.yourhome.gov.au.