Sustainability in Your Home

Buyers of new homes make numerous decisions that impact our environment and its sustainability.

The energy consumed in homes makes up a significant proportion of the total energy consumed in Australia. As most of the energy consumed is sourced from carbon intensive sources (black coal, brown coal and natural gas), there are significant carbon emissions associated with home energy use.

The drinking quality water consumed every day in homes makes up a significant proportion of the total water consumed in Australia. The products we buy for our homes are made up of materials that take different levels of energy and transport to produce and that may or may not be recyclable at the end of their useful life.

CIC Australia, as a developer of communities, is aware of these impacts. Therefore to inform new homeowners how they might choose to reduce their overall environmental impact, we have put together the following information. It is broken down into some of the key decisions you will need to make as part of finalising your home purchase, through to the exciting time of fitting your house out.

To provide more detailed information on the environmental impact of decisions you make we have included links to leading sustainability information sources.